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I haven't done this in a while. =/
Alright, so in my most recent dream I was terrified because there was ghost in the house we're living in. It set all the garbage on fire, tired to steal my wallet, and kept reorganizing my room. My room didn't look anything like my room. It was long, with a door in the way back of it next to my bed, and everything was white. My bed, walls, carpet and the door back there. The door in the back of my room opened and let in a bunch of cold air, which scared me, so when I saw my wallet on the floor next to the door I told some random girl next to me to go get it for me. She did. While she was doing that I left to go find my brother. He was trying to get rid of the ghost by getting it to play WoW with him. It wasn't working. The girl that went and got my wallet brought it to me and told me that the ghost brought it to her, taking an weird path towards her, instead of making a beeline for her.
Chris had some kind of epiphany when he heard that. He said that the ghost was lost, and that it couldn't find the graveyard. We had to help it! Ash chimes in "The graveyard is left of my facebook post!" Then Chris used WoW to help the ghost find the graveyard. (I don't fuckin know how.) When we brought the ghost to its tombstone in the graveyard (which had a pool in it) we all noticed that it was my moms tombstone. We were all like "omg it was mom?!"
Then, for some reason there was a shower and a bath in my room so I took a shower. While I was taking a shower that door that was letting in all the cold air opened again. I was kind of like "Oh no! I thought we got rid of the ghost." Then I woke up.


Dr. Wilson is Iron Man.

I had a dream that I was going around trying to find House. In the dream I thought he was a consulting detective (Gee, I wonder why.) and I had some work for him. He was mopping around somewhere, because him and Cuddy just broke up, so it was a pain in the ass to find him. I thought it would be easier to just find Wilson, then ask him to help me find House. When I found Wilson he was in Tony Starks lab, cleaning up a newly made Iron Man suit with a dirty dish rag. I asked him about House and he looked up at me, washed his hands off with the rag, threw it down in a very Wilson-y way, and then said "You know what, I can't help you. If you find him, please let me know."

I left thinking "Well! If Iron Man can't help me, I'm shit out of luck." Then I thought "Wait, isn't House Iron Man?" And then after that I thought "No, that's Sherlock Holmes"
xD' I woke up before I figured anything out.

A couple nights ago I had a dream I was walking with my niece, Ashley, to a construction site to take pictures of the people there. I don't know why I'd do something stupid like that. Robert Downy Jr. was there, but I didn't want to take pictures of him, I wanted to take pictures of this plumpy construction worker. The plumpy guy was even posing for me. He kind of reminded me of Larry from 'I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry.' Hm. Come to think of it, I think that was him.

RDJ wanted my attention, so he got it, of course. Ash went somewhere, I don't know where, then Ann said that she wanted to go to bed instead of talk with RDJ. I thought something was wrong with her; She wouldn't go to sleep while RDJ's standing there. That seems to happen a lot in my dreams, though, Ann wants to go to sleep while things are going on.

She fell asleep outside, on her bed, which was outside. She didn't even cover her self up so we could see that she was wearing my Iron Man pjs. I told RDJ those were mine. He wanted a piece of them so he walked up to my sister while he was sleep and started ripping a part of my pjs off her. That's easily done, because there's a small hole in the back of them. All you have to do is stick your finger in and pull, which he did, and I LET him. WHY would I do that? That's probably the most creepiest thing he could've done, but I was totally cool with it. Poor Ann was being molested and I was like "8B RDJ" -rolls eyes-

Then I read a BSSSSST noise, which in a previous was an alien space craft landing near by, so I started flipping out. I forgot completely about RDJ, grabbed my sisters blankets and hid under them. I think I started crying here because I heard things coming out of the craft. Haha, I wouldn't cry. I stayed under those blankets, scared until I woke up.

All I want for christmas is yooooou.

I really want that goddamn song to get out of my head.

-sigh- Anyway. Dream.
Last night I had a dream Bobby and Beth got in to a fight. For some reason Beth was on the roof screaming at Bobby. Bobby got all pissed off and jumped in the van to drive away. The van is pouring out Antifreeze so we can't take it anywhere right now. When Bobby got in the van and drove away, I got annoyed and said "Goddammit Bobby! You're not suppose to use the van. " and I followed him in my brothers car; to stop him, or to save him when the car over heats, I don't really know why. In the car I slipped on some ice and started spinning o.o Then, as I was about to get hit by a van, I woke up.


I kissed Jude Law on his stubbled cheek.

A dream, of course. I was RDJ in this. I didn't start off as him. It started with me watching Holmes and Watson from the 09movie walking around my city. They were both complaining about the area, and how cold they were. They weren't wearing coats or anything. Just waistcoats. They found an alright looking white house, kind of big, and thought to take shelter in there. When they got up to the porch they realized it was really a home made library. They rung the door bell, knocked on the door and waited for someone to get the door. My niece and sister walked up on to the porch, and did the same thing, but no one showed up. Ash was fiddling with the doorknob saying, "Let's just walk in! No one's home! It's cold."

"We can't just walk in to someones house, Ash" was what my sister answered with, as she was looking in the windows to see if anyone was actually home. They paid no attention to Holmes and Watson standing next to them, shivering. Watson thought it was getting TOO cold so he moved close to Holmes and wrapped his arms around his waist. RDJHolmes was all, "Watson! What are you doing?" but Watson ignored him and put hands under Holmes' shirt to 'warm his hands up'

They stood like that for a while, and my sister and niece STILL didn't pay any attention to them. I don't know what was wrong with them. 2 hot guys were snuggling next to them and they were paying more attention to the window.

I think this is where I turned in to RDJHolmes, because I remember seeing, from where RDJHolmes was standing, an old man walking to the window my sister was standing (it startled her) and watching him point to the door toward RDJholmes' left. My left now. The old man looked like Mr. Rogers, without a sweater though. He opened the door and said something about letting us in, all of us, and something about Watson and I being a couple. Watson moved away and said "We're not together, no"

Mr. Rogers guy let all of us in, while saying, "Oh, dear, sorry. I don't know why I thought two guys practically feeling each other up on my front porch could be in a relationship with one another."

Lol, sarcasm. Anyway.. We all hung out in the book store/Library. I don't know why no one went home, my dream didn't explain that. We all basically setting in a circle on the floor killing time with random books. I know more happened here, but it's all a fuzz to me right now. It was time go home, but LawWatson was sleeping on the floor across from me. I crawled over to him and shook him by the shoulder to wake him up, but he only slightly woke up, so I bent over him and kissed him on the cheek. Dude, I could FEEL his five o' clock on my lips. It made me smile. Watson woke up with that and said something about me getting more of that when we get back to Baker Street.

Short Dream.

I was on some Naruto website, now I don't watch or read Naruto anymore so it was kind of weird. I saw a link that said 'read the latest chapter' so I clicked on it. It was About Sasuke finally waking up with his new set of eyes, which looked awful by the way. He went all "Oooh, the power. I feel like a GOD" I rolled my eyes. Then it went to Sakura being trained by Kakashi. She was learning how to levitate things with her mind, but, instead of helping her, Kakashi was coming on to her. Which was disgusting. Kakashi said something about the training she was doing and then went "My dear Watson." I stopped reading there to tell my sister that Kakashi said "My dear Watson" To Sakura. I told her it made sense because Sakuras last name was Watson. Then I thought about it and realized that it wasn't and got really confused as to why he said that.

And.. That's it.

Nightmare time!

It's hardly even that, though.
There was an alien disguised as a woman in this dream. She would give random people on earth this illness where the skin of their left arms would get itchy-bubbly circles on them. I was one of the people! I told mom that I probably needed to go to the hospital but she was like "Oh, it's fine. You're fine" Yeah, fine, while bunch of bubbles continue accumulating on my arm! but, I shrugged it off. Eventually, those illness also made me walk to some empty field where this blonde girl, who was like "=|" the entire time, asked for my name in exchange for touching my left arm, and giving me 2 bucks. I was like "Hell yeah! 2 bucks" ...I wouldn't do that for real.

The bubbles got better. I got better... but then later it happened again, and again, until one day I was waiting out at that field a half and hour before the girl was supposed to show up there. I was waiting for her with Sherlock from the BBC's Sherlock. Apparently I consulted him? I don't know. There's a chunk missing from this dream. Well, we waited for a bit, then we heard something behind us so we turned around and saw 4 lights in the sky. That shit looked JUST like one of those UFO's you'd see on the UFO flies. It was close to us too, about 20 feet away. Right here I started going "Oh! Fuck! I KNEW IT! I fuckin' knew it!" but then the UFO started flicking more lights. Blue ones, red ones, green ones, it kind of looked like a disk shaped disco ball. Haha, I got scared, shut up and backed up into Sherlock, who was just.. standing there.

Tons of people started gathering in the field, the people with the bubbles, I suppose. They were excited, happy, just fucking TRILLED this was happening. I was convinced that they were all drugged with something. They were walking toward that blonde girl that cures the bubbles (who just appeared 7 or 8 feet away from us). She started walking to the Waffle House at the end of the field, saying something like "Let's all meet at the home for waffles =|" This chick was flat out creepy. No emotion, she talked like a fucking robot. I was like "YEAH! Waffles! I want to go get some waffles! 8D" I didn't actually SAY that. That's just how I felt. Sherlock was all like "wtf? No. Bad idea."
and I basically went "Waat, ur silly. It's just waffles! Nothing creepy about that!"

I wasn't afraid of that blonde-alien-bitch anymore. When we got to the entrance of the Waffle House she was touching peoples arms, asking for their names, and then giving them 2 bucks. When she got to me, she said something about taking the person behind me (Sherlock) and merging him with me to make one person. I was like "Hell nooo you aren't" So I pushed past her and took a seat at the Waffle House.

Everyone there was now scared, but none of us even thought about leaving. Besides Sherlock, but we didn't listen to him. Something serious was about to happen, but then I woke up.

See, not much of a nightmare, but because it had something to do with Aliens, I was scared.
I've had plenty of dreams since the last time I posted on here. One where my sister took Volume 2 of my Sherlock Holmes book to school even though I told her not to. =( I thought she was going to lose that one too.

But I didn't come here to talk about that one! Last night I had a dream where I was a famous detective (I blame Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, it's stolen my brain. Why can't I dream about HIM doing things then? That would be far more interesting and fun! /digress) For some reason I was living back at the old house on Baldwin. We had a bunch of guests over, so Ann and I were upstairs staying away from them. I was called down the stairs because someone said they wanted to consult me on some kind of case. I remember that I didn't want to because Ann and had something better to do, but we listened to the client.. Apparently. I don't remember him, or him telling us the details. I must've just learned them through osmosis, because the next thing I know Ann and I are discussing what to do about this villain running around planting bombs all over the city. The villain looked like a long blue devil (we got a picture of him somehow.)

Then Ann, Ash (a thin Ashley) and I were running around trying to found little white rectangular bombs to disarm them. We found one in some old mans house, but he wouldn't let us in, so we let 3 of the bombs go off in some forest to distract the old man, so we could sneak in to his house an disarm the bomb. I didn't care about the animals in the forest, I just wanted to save that old mans house!

We got in there, but the old man caught us and chased us out with a rake. We had to climb out the window, on a windy day, and scoot across the walls of the house. I had the bomb in my hand too. It was pretty intense, maaan.

Chris woke me up around that time with his "WHAT THE FUCK MAN!" I tried to go back to sleep to dream more, but it didn't happen.

Glittery Toilet Paper Rolls - Dream

In this dream I was Harold from 'Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.' It wasn't very clear what I was doing in this dream but I know I was in a classroom working on some sort of arts and crafts. I had to put a bunch of sliver necklaces on an empty toilet paper roll to reveal a hidden message on the roll. Kumar was in this class with me, but he wasn't working on his crafts, he was busy annoying me. I was trying to work and that bastard kept bugging me with his bleeding wrist.

I don't think he cut himself intentionally or anything, because in the dream I didn't care. I was mad at Kurmar so I left the desk we were at to go sit with the teacher. The teacher was talking about how Kumar used to be a good worker before he hurt his hand.. Then I copied what she was doing with the necklaces because what I was doing wasn't working as well. What she did was take apart the necklace and sprinkle it over the toilet roll. The necklace turned in to glitter when I broke it, and when it got sprinkled over the roll it stuck to it, besides the parts of the roll where the message was. When I did that it showed a love note from Kumar addressed to me. (Kumar/Harold?... Eck, no. I'm not seeing it.) I don't know what it said, but I know it was something stupid.

... And then we went to lunch where I turned back into myself and my sister was climbing on the lunch stands trying to steal some chicken sandwiches. She couldn't find any because the only thing available was styrofoam cups and ketchup.


Charging Rhinos. - Dream

I think I finally found something I can use LiveJournal for. I've always wanted to remember most of my dreams so I can look back and laugh at them, now that I have this blog I can type them up here, and read them later. As long as I don't forget about this journal.

Last night I had a dream that Ashley and I were at my sisters school, because we snuck into her school's lunchroom to have lunch with her. Ann was telling me something about how she wanted to get a stand so she could sell her drawings to the students in her school. She was confident that she would get a shitton of cash if she could sell them. The dream was already weird! Ann being confident is flat out weird itself; unless she's arguing with me about something I forgot, other than that she's indifferent.

Well anyway, Ann went to class, so Ash and I sat on some benches in the school waiting for Ann to get out of school. (I guess) Then Bobby walked up and told us to leave because what we were doing was illegal. He was scared we'd get arrested or some bullshit. I told him that he was just being paranoid, and that nothing was going to happen, but that didn't convince him so Ash and I had to leave. When we left it was already dark outside. Ash and I started hiding from.. whatever we were hiding form. I have no idea, apparently someone or something was after us. We started crawling military style on the ground next to a wall, and only where there was a shadow casted, so we wouldn't be seen. We eventually ran in to some people that wanted to help us get away, so they barricaded an entry to keep the 'bad guys' (who or whatever they may be) out.

This is the part of the dream where I ceased being myself. I turned into some guy that looked like some dude from Doctor Who, except way more attractive. And Ash was just some default girl I can't describe. She was just.. There. This dude, who's me but not me (It's confusing. I can feel everything he feels) was running with the default girl that used to be Ashely in some place that looked like one of the towers in Persona 3. It was dark. Some Asian girl told them to follow her, so they did, but in doing so they past a hallway that looked like an exit. The Asian girl said something like "Go this way! I blocked it all off for you." The guy that was me didn't trust her. (Maybe it was because I didn't trust her?) but the default girl that used to be Ash did. Eventually, after an argument, they didn't go the way the Asian said, instead they went back to the other hallway that looked like an exit.

The guy was right not to trust her, because the Asian girl soon had some cop/army men coming after them. The 2 ended up on a long 3 foot wide board. They had to walk across it as fast as they could to get away from the cop/army men. When they got to the end they jumped off and landed in some place that looked like a hotel hallway. They lost the cop/army men, I suppose.

After being lost in the hotel for a while, (because it was a fucking maze) they opened a double door to another long hallway, but this one was different. This one had rhinos charging at them! I, being that guy still, screamed "SHIT!" then ran back where I came from, but when I went into that hall some more Rhinos charged at me. These Rhinos didn't even look real. They all ran in a consecutive line, not one faster than any other, and they were more like block Rhinos. My person was being charged at by LD Rhinos!

After the attack of the squereinos, me/this guy ended up back at the place where the Asian girl was. Except she wasn't there anymore. The guy and default girl were out in the open now, they needed a place to hide, quick! There wasn't any place to hide besides a school bus full of people. It seems like a perfect place to hide, right? =/ In this dream, I didn't think so. I thought it was an AWFUL idea, so my surrogate and the girl walked around out in the open about to get attacked by those police/army men. The people on the bus respected us, I guess, so they ran off the bus and held the army guys off while we ran to our escape, back to the hotel room with the Rhinos.

Finally, my person and the girl made it to the end. (It felt like the end, I'm not sure if it was or not. It just looked like an exit to a hotel) When he went to open the door, here come those goddamn charging rhinos.

Around this time I started dreaming about something else. I was at a family reunion. My brother, Bobby, was wasted, along with just about every elder adult. They were all talking loudly trying to express their opinions on something I didn't care about. When I talked to my other brother, Chris, he told me about a part of a video game he had trouble with. It kind of went like this:
Him: Oh, yeah I found something out about that game. If you have the opossum the rhinos will attack you
Me: What?..
Him: (continuing) .. The rhinos are the opossum's protectors. So if you're holding the opossum in the hotel, they will charge you.
Me: OH! So all I have to do is get rid of the opossum.

In the dream that made PERFECT sense to me. But now, I'm like "wtf?"

That's the gist of it. It was hard to try to make sense of that dream.